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February 16, 2013
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I was surrounded by darkness, floating in nothing when I heard a voice. I cracked open my eyes and saw the last face I wanted to; my brother. He looked the same as he always had. Scraggly brown hair, a slight stubble on his chin and a ragged blue t-shirt. He was an unusual site in Weaver City, not many people had light hair and eyes. Most of the population had black hair and dark eyes. When we walked down the alleyways and back streets people would give him quick, glaring looks. I heard people mention something about him coming from the Outside. I’m not sure why the Outside world is bad, but I have heard things. They say that down south and across the ocean it was chaos; destroyed from a war or something. I once asked my brother why he looked different, but he just brushed off my question with a joke saying that the people of the country had their hair dyed black for all their sins. I’m still not really sure what he meant by that. I sat up and found myself no longer surrounded by darkness but on top of Warehouse 5. Brother had moved silently over to the edge and sat down dangling his legs over the edge of the roof. I walked over and sat down next to him. The sun was setting and the sky was clearer than ever before. I looked over to him but he turned his face away from me. “Why are you avoiding me?” I whispered not wanting to disturb the peaceful silence. He still wouldn’t look at me but said, “Mitzi. You have to stop it.” My heart sank. The first time I had heard his voice in two years and that was all he said. “Stop what brother?”  . “Stop looking for it.”  I was starting to get agitated with his riddle; before I could snap at him though, he stood up. This time he looked at me and instead of the familiar face I had first woken up to, he had a pained look upon his face. Then I realized why. His throat had an ugly gash on it with blood flowing freely down his chest and soaking his shirt. More slashes began to be cut across his face, by what seemed to be an invisible sword. His face was now unrecognisable with all the blood and his shredded features. I tried to scream but found that no sound could come out of my mouth. He moved closer to the edge of the roof. His eyes were completely black now, when he looked at me. No white or bit of colour was visible and he whispered quietly, just loud enough for me to hear, “Stop looking for the truth.” He walked off the edge and a scream broke out from my mouth.
0.o ooooh chial! hot DAMN! her brother is there on a building and even though its a dream things are gettin crazy